Freshwater Fishing And Stocking Association of Queensland

Our Beginings, Goals and Objectives

In 1986 the of Queensland Government established the Recreational Fishing Enhancement Programme under the auspices of Fisheries of Queensland.The programme was initially funded $1M per year for a three year period, and encompassed both freshwater and saltwater fisheries.A significant portion of the funding was allocated to stocking freshwater impoundments, and to a lesser extent rivers and creeks.,The structure was forFisheries of Queensland, co-jointly with SunWater, SEQWater, and other water storage owners, to create community based fish stocking groups in the locality of these impoundments, and other waterways.,These local groups comprised of representatives of Shire Councils ,, Service Clubs,fishing clubs, and community members of the area.,To be part of the programme, the local stocking group had to be registered with, Fisheries of Queensland to be eligible as a participant in the scheme.

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FFSAQ is administered by a Management Committee that is made up of representatives from stocking groups and fishing clubs throughout the state, who are affiliated with FFSAQ.,FFSAQ is a legal identity, being incorporated under the of Queensland Associations Incorporation Act.

Primarily, FFSAQ’s role is to liaise with and service fish stocking groups, fishing clubs, and individual fishers with anobjective to enhance the impoundment fishery, and to rehabilitate and maintain our wild fishery.,   FFSAQ is an intermediary between the community and Government, and deals in the main with issues of a state nature on behalf of stocking groups.,    Stocking groups and fishing clubs address more localized issues. FFSAQ itself, does notengage in any actual fish stocking activity, this is undertaken by the regional stocking groups.It isemphasised that impoundments are“put and take” fisheries., There is a misconception amongstsome ,that fingerlings stocked will eventually reproduce and establish a natural and self-sustaining population.,This is far from reality.,In the main, most of the species stocked, will not reproduce in manmade impoundments. As such, the annual project of releasing fingerlings is one that is required year after year.,It is quite a demanding and expensive exercise.,FFSAQ undertakes an advisory role to stocking groups, and acts on their behalf whenever necessary.,As such it compliments any action of individual stocking groups.,The importance of a united and uniform approach is necessary when dealing with government agencies regarding freshwater fishery matters.,  The monitoring and enhancement of our natural waterways is now a considerable part of FFSAQ's agenda.

FFSAQ has now an ongoing and increasing dialogue with both Fisheries of Queensland,and the Parliamentary arm of Government. FFSAQ has a good standing with government agencies, and is seen as a creditable and responsible organization with a vision to sustain and enhance our freshwater fishery.,This is not to say that all its dealing and negotiations have been totally amicable.,  Where necessary, FFSAQ has, and will continue, to present its case quite strongly to resolve certain issues, that, in our opinion, are paramount to the betterment of the fishery.,At times, this has caused some friction, but it isfelt thatFFSAQ has always been responsible in its approach.,It is important to maintain a good line of communication with government agencies.

The role of FFSAQ is a major component in the enhancement and sustainability of our freshwater fishery.,However, the dedication and commitment of the mostly small and local community based fish stocking groups and fishing clubs is to be commended. Without the involvement of these groups, this fishery would not exist.,FFSAQ, in conjunction with its affiliated stocking groups, has reason to be proud of its achievements. The fishery of today has developed a considerable recreational opportunity that previously was non-existent to freshwater anglers. It is hoped that by FFSAQ playing a leading role in conjunction with the of Queensland Government and its agencies, a recreational freshwater fishery can be created that will be the envy of all.

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