Freshwater Fishing And Stocking Association of Queensland

FFSAQ Policies
  1. FFSAQ supports the creation of a separate of Queensland Fisheries Department.
  2. FFSAQ opposes any form of commercial harvesting of freshwater species.
  3. FFSAQ opposes any form of aquaculture in freshwater streams or impoundments.
  4. FFSAQ expects a commitment by Government to adequately staff and fund the implementation of the Exotic Pest Fish Strategy.
  5. FFSAQ supports the concept of the user pays Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP) scheme.
  6. FFSAQ supports the continuation of the Freshwater MAC consultative process.
  7. FFFSAQ believes that all man made barriers that impact on fish migration, should be fitted with fish passage devices.
  8. FFSAQ believes that all barriers on waterways that no longer serve any useful purpose should be dismantled.
  9. FFSAQ will not accept any unwarranted loss of public access to recreational fishing areas, including National Parks.
  10. FFSAQ supports legislation to adopt minimum water storage levels for all impoundments. The determination of such levels must include community consultation.
  11. FFSAQ supports increased levels of research into all aspects of freshwater fisheries.
  12. FFSAQ supports an increase in funding and staffing levels for surveillance and enforcement of the freshwater fishery.
  13. FFSAQ opposes the construction of any new impoundment that does not adequately address the subsequent environmental impacts on the fishery.
  14. FFSAQ supports an increase in the monitoring of all stocked waters.
  15. FFSAQ supports the concept that bag and size limits are acceptable controls to sustainably maintain the freshwater fishery.
  16. FFSAQ endorses the current Translocation Policy
  17. FFSAQ supports the research and development of new species for stocking.
  18. FFSAQ is committed to the conservation of all native aquatic life.
  19. FFSAQ expects an appropriate return of RUF monies to the freshwater fishery.
  20. FFSAQ supports the protection and rehabilitation of freshwater stream riparian zones.
  21. FFSAQ supports the declaration of Freshwater Fish Habitat areas.
  22. FFSAQ believes that high speed boating activities should be regulated
  23. FFSAQ opposes unsustainable water harvesting on all streams.
  24. FFSAQ opposes a ”permit fee” for stocking groups to run fishing competitions.
  25. FFFSAQ believes that environmental flows must be maintained on all streams
  26. FFSAQ supports thermal pollution control on impoundment releases
  27. FFSAQ is of the opinion at this point of time, that before barramundi, or any other apex predator recognized as non-indigenous, is stocked into SEQ impoundments, there needs to be further scientific research on potential impacts. FFSAQ supports these trials to be undertaken, but in the mean time, precautionary principles should apply.
  28. FFSAQ believes that all SIP funds go directly to the purchase of fingerlings or some other associated stocking activity. .
  29. FFSAQ encourages QFS to focus more attention towards riverine rehabilitation and conservation.
  30. FFSAQ has a position of being “A Political”. That is, that it has no political allegiance with any political party.